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There is no darkness in Prism

Friday, August 30th, 2013

American pop singer Katy Perry has stated that her new album named ‘Prism’ does not carry any kind of darkness as she wanted to put a lighter and brighter twist on her 3rd album to sign the positive alteration she had made since she divorced Russell Brand last year.

Earlier, the ‘Roar’ singer wanted her forthcoming studio collection to concentrate on her break up from comedian Russell Brand and the substantial emotions she went through when their divorce was finalized in July last year. But the US beauty changed the album’s direction months later and selected brighter tracks.

Recently, while speaking to a leading entertainment channel, Katy Perry told that there was not any darkness on the album. Definitely, there were some colors and textures. The 28 year old crooner felt that it was right to give her 3rd album a title which would make up the positive alterations she went through as well as the therapeutic healing she had experienced.

Katy further added that the reason why she called the album ‘Prism’ is because she finally let the light in and then she was able to make all these tracks which were inspired by allowing the light in and doing self-reflection. She was kind of working on herself.

The Firework singer told that she felt colorful and because of that she felt like now she gets to reveal these tracks off and share these tracks with the listeners. It was like she gets to beam the colors that she had experienced out from her.

Roar | Katy Perry (Cover by TJ Smith and Lainey Lipson)

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Katy Perry Movie Rating: four / 5