I Kissed A Girl (Parody) – Katy Perry – Elderly Remix

This song is now offered on itunes: bit.ly Please comment, rate, preferred… and subscribe for far more parody videos! Add me as a buddy: www.myspace.com My official internet site: www.vprincess.com -Composed by me – Granny (Very first Adore) played by the fabulous Zipster08 www.youtube.com Generic Parody Music Composed and Performed by Steve of: www.youtube.com Many thanks to Gladys for allowing me to shoot her legs lol And sure, I play the three nursing house vixens and nurse) 😛 For higher high quality audio (but significantly less quality image): www.youtube.com ——- This song will be available on my album coming out shortly! It will also be downloadable on itunes, so keep tuned! LYRICS: Katy Perry- I Kissed a Woman (Parody) –Elderly Remix It was my boyrfriend’s family members Not something insane He took me to meet his aged granny Then something phased me She’s not like most elderly She kept glaring from behind the chips… I went to kiss her on the cheek And she went for my lips.. (Chorus) Outdated LADY: I kissed a woman And I liked it The taste of her denture cream ME: The style of her denture cream But it’s okay with me I was enticed I discovered my vice I wish she had planted one particular on me twice It was my sin Soft wrinkled skin Stretched saggy chin A toothless grin (Verse) No I do not even know her age It does not issue Lock me inside an iron cage It will not shatter This burning flame It can’t be tamed No I can’t resist Her snow white hair Vintage wheel chair Sparks flew The minute we kissed CHORUS (Bridge) I don’t know what
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