Katy Perry, the Super Bowl and Satan

Katy Perry Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. Good Fight Ministries says:

    For those having any trouble watching the video here on YouTube, we also
    have it loaded to our Vimeo channel. The link is in the description of this
    video, simply hit the “Show More” text link to reveal the entire
    Description section.

  2. Winnbella Win says:

    I will forever follow Jesus Christ

  3. timtusphil1 says:

    There’s one thing worse than going to Hell. Taking others with you!

  4. Dana Gordon says:

    Lord, forgive me for whatever worldly, trivial things I’ve been tempted to
    see and hear in the past. This sinking world is at war with you. Please
    help me protect my eyes and ears….keep them focused and engaged on what
    pleases you. Amen “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the
    life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

  5. Star Mac says:

    She was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest at the Grammys and stated God gave her
    a message and said to her “You got this.” Then she hopped on stage and sang
    the lyrics I kissed a girl and liked it…The god that spoke to her was
    clearly satan, the father of LIES.

  6. Mandy Good says:

    Its not just Katy Perry and its everything on TV. TV shows, movies, and the
    radio. Do not watch these things! 

  7. nottz says:

    Please keep Katy in your prayers. God forgives all things.

  8. Ms zachia moses says:

    im just glad im not famous. it must really suck to be them. i will continue
    to pray for katy perry! poor girl.

  9. Phillip Freeman says:

    Many people will view Katy Perry’s performances as just entertainment,but
    there is more to it than just entertainment. 

  10. Michael Ragusa says:

    Katy Perry, the Super Bowl and Satan: http://youtu.be/wHknzzJeK6Y

  11. Bon Kai says:

    time to delete some songs now though i dont think the ‘illuminati’ is real

  12. RalDu says:

    I believe when Katey told Justin to read the bible, she was likely trying
    to save a young soul, and likely felt there was no hope for herself, but
    still, it was hypocritical of her

  13. Jacqueline Rettew says:

    Katy Perry, the Super Bowl and Satan: http://youtu.be/wHknzzJeK6Y

  14. rockstarMileyCyrus says:

    Youtube shows only 80 views but 178 comments so far. Something isn’t adding

  15. Antoinette D says:

    I stumbled on this because I wanted to see how the “sharks” messed up in
    her performance. When I began watching this, I thought that this was so
    over the top, ridiculous, sensationalist in fact. However, after watching
    your entire video, learning her age (I thought she was like 25), and seeing
    the intentional and deliberate things that she used in her songs/videos,
    etc., it definitely has me thinking.

    I don’t want to condemn her. I am not her judge. However, I am a
    Christian and freaked out by what is being represented by her through
    music. It’s sad. But what I am going to do is just pray for her to turn
    away from the glamour and allure that money, fame and power that she is
    caught up in right now. I have faith that she will be sickened by it one
    day because none of that fills your soul. I love her because she is a
    sister – even if she has strayed from Christ – she is still my sister.

    I’m praying!!! xoxox

  16. Kevin Ahenakew says:

    I can’t see the video. It says it’s not available. Is it just me or others
    can’t see it?

  17. tommy2chips says:

    Katy, Beyoncé, and Brittany Why is it that it is all of the pretty women
    who are so screwed up?

  18. Lancelot Du Lac (galatian5) says:

    I like how you speak about what’s been going on with Ms.Perry. I also like
    how you say at the end it’s eventually torturing her inside and that we
    should pray for Katy Perry to break free. These celebrities are victims of
    abuse and manipulation by the evil powers that be. Katy Perry is a victim
    of deception and abuse. And that the whole contract that they sign or are
    born into is trying to trick them that they can’t escape. Hopefully Katy
    will one day in fact be freed and expose to the world what it was like
    living the nightmare under the Satanic contract.

    Thank you for the video.

  19. Татьяна Чигрин says:

    Искусство призвано служить Богу, но многие используют его для служения
    дьяволу. Мы, как христиане, должны вернуть искусство Богу.

  20. Brad Lincoln says:

    This video shows Katy Perry for the devil she is and the deception Satan is
    using to deceive the children. AND IT SHARES THE GOSPEL. Hope this one gets
    millions of views like Goodfight’s video on Beyonce! EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO

  21. Regen Ducere says:

    She was doing more work for Satan when she was singing in church. that so
    called “CHRISTIAN” music she sang is totally SATANIC. And look at her dad
    and Mom. Fake Phony So called Christians! They are worse than she is now
    and will be in HELL before she is! They are the reason why she is the way
    she is by being fake and phony.

  22. Robbie LowdownO says:
  23. Michael Webb says:

    God is able to turn this young lady’s life around and use her for his
    Glory. It’s not about the beginning or the middle of our stories it’s all
    about how they end. We pray God’s Grace and Mercy on this young lady and
    pray that she allow God to truly come into her heart.

  24. runsontrails1 says:

    She may never have been a Christian. Just because you sing, say you are a
    Christian, doesn’t mean anything. I do believe in once saved always saved.
    Those whom he called He justified.n we don’t chose Him but sek and ye shall
    find. I can’t even listen to her garbage. I just pray for them.