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Katy Perry purchases a $350 helmet

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

On Thursday, Katy Perry surprised a local bike shop in Perth when she came in to purchase a helmet.

A day before, the Fireworks star was seen riding in the Swan River region on a bicycle without any security – which is an illegal act in Australia, before her first show in the nation on Friday evening.

But a day after Katy Perry appeared to be in the know ducking into Elite Racing Cycles shop to purchase. Recently, a leading entertainment website stated that she came in almost unnoticed. She just came in, and no one noticed her till her crew followed her in and she spoke. She told that she realized that she required purchasing one.

Along with purchasing a brand new basket for her bike, Prismatic star bought the most expensive helmet that was available at the shop, the Z1, which is valued at US$ 349. The US pop singer did not leave the shop without taking a snap with the shop staffs – and she took the snap along with her helmet on. One of the staffs told that she was really very nice to them; she was a very cool chick.

During her ride on Wednesday, Katy Perry dressed for comfort rather than fashion, donning the same white and black Adidas tracksuit top which she sported earlier in the day when she came from her long haul flight. In spite of a sunny afternoon, the pop star kept her jacket on.